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Monday, June 15, 2009

WIIFM...You'd better believe it

WIIFM is what makes the world go around. WIIFM or "What's In It For ME" is an acronym that's been around a long time in the business world. It sometimes surprises me when I use the term or phrase and people haven't heard about it.

The thing about WIIFM isn't what it is, but what it represents. Look at the people around, friends, colleagues, CUSTOMERS. Everyone of them work in the world of WIIFM at one time or another and may not even realize it or if they do, may not know how to express it.

If you're goal is to help others get what they want whether it be any of the people mentioned above, you have to understand that WIIFM.

How can you find out what someone's WIIFM is on a particular subject?


Two great things you can do to help meet another's WIIFM is to:

1. Actively Listen
~Two ears and one mouth means "shut your pie hole"...remember, it's about the other person, not you. Since most of us like to talk about ourselves, resist the urge and let the other person do the talking.
~Focus on the words and ideas the other person is sharing so that mean's multi-tasking and thinking about what YOU are going to say next are "No-Nos".
~Just speak to ask clarifying questions and don't interrupt.

2. Practice Empathy
~Empathy means putting yourself in the other person's position and to do that you might need to be willing to temporarily "suspend your beliefs" about a subject so you can truly understand what the other party is trying to share.
~Be respectful, whether you agree or not. We all want to be treated with respect.

If you understand people's WIIFM when you interact and can use the skills of listening and empathy, you can help ensure you can relate to them in the way to help them be successful...and that could make your very successful, too (...that's your WIIFM, right?).

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