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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Start your week off right -- Encourage someone around you

Here's a great idea for first thing Monday morning.

Take 5 minutes before your day "officially" starts and write a personal note to someone in your office whether it be a colleague or team member (you could even write one to your boss if it didn't appear like you were kissing up too much).

The point is that everyone likes to know others think positively about them. You don't have to write something really profound or special to someone other than to tell him or her that you're glad you're on the same team.

One idea I heard about was a manager who bought a 1 or 2 dollar box of plain note cards with a generic design on the outside. Then, this person made a list of all the people he worked with. He tore the paper into strips with a different name on each strip and put them into a cup. Each morning over a few week period he pulled a different name out of the cup and wrote a personal note. He got to work before most others in the morning so he slipped the note onto the recipient's desk so they would realize the note some time during the day.

I understand that while some recipients liked the notes, they discarded them soon. Others held onto the cards to remind them of positive thoughts from someone else. Regardless, all of them appreciated receiving the notes.

Sharing encouragement and appreciation can be expressed in many differnt forms. This particular one is easy and inexpensive, but can potentially have a significant impact.

You have the power to positively impact someone else. Don't waste the opportunity.

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