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Friday, September 18, 2009

Culture versus Pay

As I am reading "What's the Secret?" by John DiJulius, an outstanding book on how to provide a world-class customer experience for an organization's patrons, I come across quotes and thoughts that make me think. One quote is "the better the culture, the less pay becomes an issue."

What do you think that means? I think it means that if people work at an organization where they like to be, where they:

  • feel good about what they and their company are doing
  • know that their bosses are focused on helping them flourish
  • are surrounded by positive, professional colleagues
then they are more focused on the positive culture than what their paycheck looks like.

Most people want to believe in something bigger than themselves. Most people want to feel good about what they're doing and about their circumstance. In these instances money, while still important, takes a back seat to how their company and their job make them feel.

Conversely, if someone works at an organization where the culture is very much "dog-eat-dog" and no one cares about the mission or about anybody else, then they'd better be getting top dollar. Otherwise, they'll be looking for the first opportunity to move on to an option that's better and brighter.

What are your thoughts on the quote? What examples can you give of places where culture beats cash hands down?

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