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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Make Eye Contact

Are you kidding me? You're blogging about eye contact? Absolutely, I am.

Good eye contact or the lack, thereof, can make a huge impression on those around you. Personally, I like to make eye contact when I'm in a conversation with others. I also like to make eye contact when I'm listening to a speaker in a larger setting.

Good eye contact conveys several possible meanings:

  • "I am a confident person...confident enough to look you straight in the eyes."
  • "I am interested in what you have to say."
  • "I am engaged and listening."

People want to interact more with those who convey meanings like this.

The reverse is true, too, helping provide less than positive perceptions to those around us: disinterest, distrust, disengagement, etc.

As leaders, being and acting confident are key components to success. What other ideas are conveyed by making good eye contact (or poor eye contact)? How can this help leaders be more successful?

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  1. Eye contact and interest also helps the speaker do a good job ... which, in turn, should make the speaker better ... which, in turn, should make your experience better.

    Eye contact is good (except with monkeys).


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