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Friday, July 17, 2009

The Leadership style of Ghengis K, Adolf H, Mickey M

What in the world? This post is kind of a follow up to yesterday's regarding leadership and blogging (did I really write something that dumb?).

Did you realize that on this wonderful internet of ours, you can find posts and articles about the leadership styles of Adolf Hitler and Ghengis Khan all the way through to Mickey Mouse and Mother Teresa? It's incredible. Go ahead...I dare you...type in the name of someone famous, nice or notorious and add "leadership style" along with it in the search bar. Chances are you'll come up with something.

I know there are plenty of us out there who think we have something profound to share about leadership. I know I do...but I could be wrong. It could be that all my words are a bunch of gobbledygook. We've all got opinions of who were good leaders or bad and who showed great leadership traits when others showed very poor ones. If you look hard enough you'll find something to support what you're looking to find.

My take...since I do, of course, think I have something profound to share about to read A LOT and observe A LOT and think A LOT. Use your brain to think about what's reasonable. Don't turn your back on any potential lesson. There's plenty of opportunity to see examples of great leadership in rotten people and horrible leadership in wonderful people. Just try what works for you. Be open-minded and ever-seeking. When you think you've got it all down, then you'll know you need to put your ego in your back pocket and keep looking for ways to improve.

That's a leadership thought

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