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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Leaders LEAD

This title is extremely important for leaders. Take a look at a few lines from "Fort Apache", the Henry Fonda, John Wayne Western from 1948. In this section...

[Yorke has ridden in to save the colonel, but Thursday has decided to die with his men rather than face disgrace]

Lt. Col. Thursday: Trouble you for your sabre, Captain.

Captain Yorke: My sabre?

Lt. Col. Thursday: I must rejoin my command.

Captain Yorke: The command is wiped out, sir, and there's nothing we can do about it.

Lt. Col. Thursday: I'm not asking your opinion, Capt. Yorke! When you command this regiment - and you probably will - command it! Your sabre, sir.

[Capt. Yorke hands him his sabre]

Lt. Col. Thursday: Any questions, Captain?

[Capt. Yorke watches as Col. Thursday rides off to rejoin the battle]

Captain Yorke: No questions.

Did you see what Colonel Thursday said? "When you command this regiment...command it!"

That is one shortcoming many leaders experience...the lack of "command". I'm not talking about being a martinette or some kind of crazy hard core leader. I'm talking about you and everyone else knowing that you are the person in charge, the tough decisions are yours to make, and you will make them.

It's fine to have as much concensus within the group as appropriate when things are running smoothly. It's a totally another thing to try to have concensus when a crisis is at hand. Your people need to know, when it comes to crunch time, there is one go-to person who will take charge and see the team or organization through whatever the urgent matter may be.

Another point is that, as human beings, we want to be lead. We look for a strong leader, one who is fair and even-handed. It's ok if the leader is firm as long as he or she is consistent.

So, what am I saying again? Leaders LEAD!

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